About Us

Short history

The company Tehnoinspekt was established in 1999 completely with private capital.
Tehnoinspekt from the beginning was built as a company with a goal to become the market leader for complete protection of people, estate and environment. The company is located at 148 Boris Trajkovski boul. - Skopje.

Company profile

Tehnoinspect is the market leader for installation, project design, test and maintenance of fire protection systems. The company is a partner with some of the world's most renowned companies in this industry. Nowadays this makes us market leader for supplying different type of fire protection equipment.

Company activities:

1. Project design and consulting:
  • Design of fire protection systems (fire detection systems and fire suppression systems);
  • Design of dangerous and flammable gases detection systems.
2. Installation, service, maintenance and testing of systems
  • Fire detection systems;
  • Fire detection systems;
  • Systems for detection of dangerous and flammable gases.
3. Inspection activities:
  • Technical control and inspection of low voltage electrical installation;
  • Technical control and inspection of grounding;
  • Technical control and inspection of lighting installation.
4. Health and safety:
  • Safety trainings;
  • Health and safety projects;
  • Fire protection projects;
  • Evacuation plans;
  • Fire protection trainings.